Viridis Solutions is involved in all facets of water and wastewater management. These projects often present other opportunities in bio-energy, renewable energy, methane capture and land-use change. We can design and implement a solution specifically tailored to clients’ individual needs.

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Water and Wastewater

Viridis Solutions offers a range of services for water and wastewater facilities including design, procurement, implementation and monitoring support. Our team can provide a complete assistance package or help with targeted services and solutions.
We offer a customised, experienced and professional service that delivers solutions and savings.
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Clean Energy Projects

Our world is changing. Government policy and action aimed at tackling climate change is taking place at a global, national and local level, affecting the way we all do business.
Energy challenges and rising costs mean we need to embed sustainable practices into our businesses for the future.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective waste management treatment practices which are customised to solve waste problems and develop sustainable enterprises. We are committed to delivering low-carbon sources of energy and waste resource recovery.

Viridis aims to support its clients by identifying opportunities, designing specific responses and implementing and managing those waste solutions.

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