Carbon Doctoring

Viridis Solutions also offers a carbon doctoring service to businesses which have a CDM-registered project which is underperforming,

For example, achieving the best possible results from biogas generation facilities requires ongoing monitoring of key parameters. This will help ensure carbon credits are optimised for the best financial return.

Viridis can help maximise emission reductions and effectively implement these projects by:

• Developing a monitoring plan in line with the project design document and methodology
• Conducting on-site monitoring or remote monitoring of the necessary parameters to ensure
  the maximum emission reductions are verified
• Drafting monitoring reports that assist during the verification of emission reductions
• Identifying and reducing emission leakages from the project
• Fixing projects, particularly biogas and anaerobic digesters which require specific chemical balances to   deliver maximum biogas output
• Helping to amend registered CDM projects to ensure maximum emission reductions. This may include   amending the project with the UNFCCC based on project-specific refinements