Viridis Solutions has extensive experience delivering strong outcomes in wastewater and waste management. We strive to work constructively with our clients on all projects, including specialty projects, to achieve the best possible results.

Our approach is to proactively engage with the client throughout the entire process from design to operation. We deliver optimal outcomes, from managing project development issues through to operational matters.

We have widespread experience in the design and construction of projects based on anaerobic processes, frequently including an ancillary facility for biogas harvesting.

Viridis Solutions can also deliver projects which optimise the energy generated to meet on-site energy needs, providing heat or electricity to enhance the facility’s overall operations and improve efficiency and profitability.


  • Pre-feasibility study and feasibility reports
  • Business case and financial analysis reports

Strategic development

  • Overall project concept design
  • Process and engineering design
  • Equipment selection
  • Commissioning

CDM projects

• Project idea note
• Project design document assistance

Project Management

  • Technical advice
  • Current waste management practice optimisation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Timely and ongoing advice on issues that arise at project site, based on the biological data collected
  • Provide operations staff with specialized engineering support
  • Periodic site visits from specialized engineering staff ensuring the facility is operating at its optimum capacity
  • Design, recommend, and implement changes that will maximise biogas generation and sustainability