Viridis Solutions is involved in all facets of water and wastewater management. These projects often present other opportunities in bio-energy, renewable energy, methane capture and land-use change. We can design and implement a solution specifically tailored to our client’s individual needs.

Viridis offers a fully integrated project management service and we can design, build and assist in operation where required. We provide consulting, engineering, procurement and monitoring services, and through our network of suppliers can take a project from conception to implementation.

We also have strategic relationships through our experience working with companies which offer ancillary services in carbon markets. We can design projects in line with the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism and its baseline and monitoring methodologies as well as other international carbon standards. This provides our clients with the opportunity to expand revenue sources while also solving their waste problems.

Viridis Solutions understands the broad range of anaerobic processes and can ensure that clients implement the most suitable solution depending on the type and volume of wastewater.

We can design a cost-effective biological process to remove organic (such as ‘BOD’ biological oxygen demand) load while minimising the power needed to create energy from wastewater.

Viridis Solutions understands the advanced technology which best applies to specific situations. We can design, procure, build and manage projects on behalf of clients.

Viridis Solutions also offers a quick assessment of potential projects for their clients.

Please contact us so we can provide a breakdown of the basic information we need to examine specific wastewater or waste requirements.